Show Dates

April 11th - The Tank's "Third Shift", 10pm (NYC)
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April 15th - The People's Improv Theater, 9:30pm (NYC)
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April 25th - Alaska State Improv Festival, 6:30pm block (Juneau, AK)
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April 27th - Alaska State Improv Festival, 6:30pm block (Juneau, AK)
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May 30th - The People's Improv Theater, 7pm (NYC)
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May 31st - Philly Improv Theater, 9pm (Philadelphia, PA) 

June 13thOil Region Indie Arts Festival (Oil City, PA)
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June 15th-21st
 - SLAPDASH Improv Festival (London, UK)

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Improv for Actors
Are you a NYC actor looking to strengthen your improvisational skills? This 4-week program will teach you how to say "Yes, and" as well as strengthen your characters and play to your own strengths!
Temporarily Postponed 

10,000 Hours
Coaching Session
10,000 Hours is designed for improv students of all levels interested in organized and budget-friendly practice groups. This program is an amazing opportunity to meet new friends, form indie teams, and to become more familiar with faces around the improv community.

Sign up HERE
$8. Yep. $8.

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